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Hatred For Jews Main Goal of Vatican controlled American Free Press

No other publication in the history of the United States has done more damage to the cause of freedom as it continues its well organized, deceptive and divisive campaign to mislead people, according to freedom fighter Slats Grobnik

By Greg Szymanski
Aug. 21, 2007

The American Free Press likes to say it is a bastion of freedom and
liberty, leading readers down the 'real path of truth' in the alternative

But no other publication in the history of the United States has done
more damage to the cause of freedom as it continues its well organized,
deceptive and divisive campaign to mislead people, according to freedom fighter Slats Grobnik, a man on a modern day Don Quixote mission to enlighten the masses.

"I had a good friend who wrote for the American Free Press and learned the truth about this toilet paper publication," said Slats, who prides himself on finding out the real truth and nothing but the truth.

"This publication is set up by the establishment, set up by intelligence
operatives and the Jesuits to spread hatred towards the Jews. It will not
deal with the Vatican-led New World Order in a fair manner simply
because, according to inside sources, its owner, is bought
and paid off by Vatican minions who want to protect the real perpetrators.

"How can I prove this? Just look at the content of his paper. It's
obvious who he is covering for since if truth was his goal, the Vatican
story would be fully told instead of centering solely on Zionism which
has been purposely misconstrued.

"At a time when millions of people have turned to the alternative media
since they are fed up with the mainstream media that has turned into
nothing but a fascist propaganda arm of the Vatican led New World Order, it is disheartening to learn The American Free Press and many others in the alternative media are actually on the Vatican payroll.

"Although it is hard to prove because the Vatican bank and the Federal
Reserve money cartel are the biggest money launders in the world, you can bet the dirty money flows down to the American Free Press and others in order to cover-up for the Vatican and its government hacks leading the New World Order here in America and around the world."

Slats, talking from a safe underground bunker in the Midwest, said "the
proof is in the pudding" since story after story in the AFP center on
hatred of the Jews as they completely ignore the Vatican connection,
saying it is nothing but a benign religious organization.

However, nothing could be farther from the truth as credible researchers, historians and patriots have documented throughout the course of history the evil intentions of the Vatican and its henchmen, the Jesuit Order.

"How can the AFP and its owner, Willis Carto,  ignore and even discredit the historians? How can they ignore the warnings of Abraham Lincoln about the Vatican and the Jesuits?" said Slats, saying the only answer is they are covering for their Vatican masters. "How can this publication and others in the alternative media like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, John Stadtmiller ignore the pedophilia connection to the the former Cardinal Spellman and now Cardinal Egan brought to light in New York police investigations by credible police detectives?

"How can they ignore the Vatican concordat with Hitler and the Nazis? How can they ignore the lawsuit going on right now in a San Francisco federal court, implicating the Vatican to the Croatian genocide in a case captioned Alperin v. Vatican Bank?

"It takes a special kind of blindness or let's call it a concerted effort
with a hidden agenda not to bring this information to the American
people. However, people are waking up and these cowards should be exposed once and for all for what they really are: disinformation artists who are getting their blessings from the Pope in Rome. All roads lead to Rome and they know it, but they also know if they say it, their money will dry up faster than a fruit tree in the Sahara desert.

According to Slats and many others who know the true intentions of the
Vatican and Jesuit Order, the AFP and others mentioned above fuel hatred towards the Jews or the feared international bankers, but fail to mention these "Jew plants" have sold out their own people and are actually working for their master in the Vatican and are nothing but the Pope's "court Jews."

"They also fail to mention," according to Slats, "all the worldwide
intelligence agencies are working together at the top levels to further
the New World Order and are controlled by the Jesuit Order's leader, Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, known as the Black Pope. They also know besides the intelligence community, he has the criminal underworld at his disposal, meaning if you try and buck the Vatican, you could end up dead like Lincoln, Kennedy, JFK, Jr. and others who were killed by Jesuit controlled hit teams.

"In fact, ask yourself why don't the main alternative outlets bring forth
all the hidden history about the Jesuits and the Vatican now coming out
thanks to underground researchers uncovering much of the material in more
than 6,000 books written about the evil intentions of the Jesuits? The
reason is that they are too busy spreading hatred towards the Jews, while
allowing the mainstream to spread hatred towards the Muslims. Think about
it: it looks to me like we are being set up for another Vatican genocide
as the Vatican has always wanted to wipe out Jews, Muslims and
freedom-minded, true Bible believing Christians.

"When are people going to understand the level of infiltration by secret
organizations and the Jesuit Order into every aspect of American life.
They have taken over the media, as well as alternative media, and all
you have to do is listen to the speech President Kennedy gave before he
was killed by a Jesuit organized hit team to understand how the Vatican

"When are people going to finally understand that all major heads of
government and heads of religious organizations are all working on the
same New World team and the real culprits aren't the Jews?

"When are Catholic Americans going to understand they are also targets of
the Vatican who eventually want to rid America of a middle class and
bring in full blown fascism like they have done in all Latin American
Catholic countries. That is why they are flaming the fires of illegal
Mexican immigration in order to incite White fascism in the form of
hatred towards Latinos and hatred, of course, towards all Jews?"

And according to numerous researchers, the only way the Vatican led New
World Order goals can be accomplished are if they remain a hidden secret
to the American population. This, of course, is accomplished by
controlling both ends of the political debate, the banking system through
the money cartel Federal Reserve system and the media, including the
corrupt and controlled so-called 'alternative media' who, like the
American Free Press, lays blame to the Jews while covering for the

For example, once a reader takes a serious look at the documented
accounts of the Vatican's on-going Inquisition, he becomes convinced
beyond a reasonable doubt the Vatican and its minions are guilty as sin.
The Vatican and Jesuits, of course, understand this and thus any material
revealing their true secrets must be suppressed and if not suppressed,
the writers discredited.

One book written by C.T. Wilcox uncovering how the Jesuits killed Lincoln
as well as how they played a major role in inciting the Civil War serves
as an example, as two readers account for how they finally accepted the
sad truth about Vatican evils.

Dear Mr. Wilcox:

Chuck, your book was responsible for breaking me through the biggest wall
of cognitive dissonance I've ever experienced in my life. I have had a
couple other times in my life, where I ran up against a hard truth that
didn't fit my previous worldview paradigm. But your book shattered so
many of my previously held conceptions, more so than anything else ever
has, at least with such suddenness, and I thank you for that.

I thought guys like you and Eric Phelps were "a half a sandwich short of
a picnic." I realize now that that was just an emotional reaction on my
part. When I actually did the research, the first big and crucial step to
which was reading your "Transformation of the Republic," well, I felt
like I was in that old campy movie "They Live", and I had just put the
sunglasses on! I wish now that they had not made that movie so campy.
Turns out, it wasn't that far out after all. Just replace the aliens with
Papa Nero's black-robed bully boys, and that movie describes this world
extraordinarily well. I believe now, wholeheartedly, that the stuff put
forward in your book is dead-on accurate.

Your book has incited me to embark on my own research quest. I am now
reading authors like Avro Manhattan, Bill Hughes, Burke McCarty, and John
Daniel. I now regularly read every article on websites like Phelps's and
Daryl Eberhardt's. I have always been a history buff. I now see so much
more of history -- history makes so much more sense now. I recently read
the book "Hitler's Pope" and though it exposed a lot of dirt on Pius XII,
I am now able to see that the mainstream author, Cornwell, was hopelessly
naive in merely painting Pius XII as Hitler's puppet---the whole thing
makes sooooooo much more sense if you reverse the roles, and have Pius,
or better yet, Ledochovski or Van Papen with his hand up Hitler's rectum,
instead of the other way around.

Chuck, your book has got stuff in it that hasn't seen the light of day
in, what, 120 years or so? Man, those authentic, back-in-the-day
newspaper articles just about floored me, and the old newspaper editorial
cartoon. What struck me as most awesome, most eerie, most foreboding, was
the sudden realization that if the Jesuits can suppress all that news
coverage, then they can rewrite whatever history they wanted, wherever,

I tell you, the other and even more permanent thought that struck me,
that I still live with now everyday, and have ever since been attempting
to alert my friends to, is this: The Inquisition never stopped. It merely
went underground, got smarter, craftier. But the fact is, those pious
monsters are still after us.

Thank you for waking me up to that, Chuck. Thank you, and Keith, who
helped me master my cognitive dissonance long enough to read your
wonderful book.


Another reader offers comments:

By Darryl Eberhart, Editor of "Tackling the Tough Topics" and "Examining
the Tough Issues" Newsletters.

Of the book The Transformation of the Republic: The Origins of the
Religious Hi-Jacking of the American Government and the Truth Behing the
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln , by C. T. Wilcox

Canadian researcher, author and professional actor, C. T. Wilcox has
carefully and meticulously retraced the "footprinnts" of the conspirators
involved in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Using court
documents, witness testimonies and quotations by authors who wrote about
the Lincoln assassination during the 19th century, Wilcox provides not
only the names of the conspirators, but explains how they planned and
orchestrated the assassination of one of America's most beloved
presidents. Wilcox also reveals the men operating "behind the scenes" who
supported the conspirators in their attempts to avoid the U.S.
authorities searching for them. Unfortunately, for Papal Rome, Wilcox's
detective work leads directly to its doors. Pope Pius IX, Rome's Jesuit
Order, as well as the secretive Knights of the Golden Circle, are all
shown to be involved in the intrigues surrounding the bloody American
Civil War of 1861-65.

Wilcox devotes much of his book to exposing the involvement of onne of
the top conspirators in the Lincoln assassination: a man named John
Harrison Surratt. Surratt was the object of one of the greatest
"manhunts" in U.S. history. Wilcox in great detail shows how Surratt was
assisted by Roman Catholic priests who hid him in Canada, then helped him
to escape to England, and then on to Papal Rome itself, where he became a
member of the Pope's Pontifical Zouaves military units. Wilcox also deals
in length with the civil trial of Surratt in Washington, D.C. (after he
had been captured in Alexandria, Egypt), showing Roman Catholic Church
support for Surratt during the trial. Leading in this assistance to
Surratt was the infamous Jesuit Order, whose priests from Georgetown
attended the civil trial of Surratt.

C. T. Wilcox indeed covers much more than just dates and famous
personalities in this factual history concerning the assassination of
Lincoln, and the immediate fallout (trials, executions, etc.) from that
assassination. He delves deeply into the motives for carrying out this
vile assassination and the reasons why Lincoln had to be eliminated. Just
as important, Wilcox shows us that Papal Rome not only wanted Lincoln and
several other presidents out of the way, but has a much larger agenda:
destroying the American Constitutional Republic on its way to resuming
its role as the leader of the world in both secular as well as religious
affairs. Indeed, Wilcox's book is a vital link in exposing Rome's designs
to head up a one-world government and a one-world religion.

C. T. Wilcox has written a must-read book for those wanting to come to a
true understanding of the history surrounding America's Civil War of
1861-65 and the assassination of President Lincoln - a book that fills in
many of the "missing gaps" from that historical era and one that would
make one monster of a feature film.

And to prove further how the American Free Press suppresses the truth and
incites violence and hatred, they are teaming up White hate mongers and a
misinformed group called Crescent and the Cross to stage a hate rally
next Columbus Day in Southern California.

The purpose of the rally is best exhibited by a recent promo sent over
the internet. Pay close attention to how the rally intends to blame the
Jews for the war in Iraq, which is simply another Jesuit ploy to take the
heat off the real culprits, the Vatican and its loyal minions in America,
the Middle East and Israel.

"I think everybody should boycott this rally, but if you want to spread
hatred at least know what you are doing" said Slats. "All I ask is that
these people consider the facts and look at history by reading the many
books purposely hidden by the Vatican to protect them so they can carry
out their ongoing Inquisition which is now going to engulf America."

Here is a copy of the AFP and Crescent and Cross promo circulating
throughout the internet:

The Ugly Truth
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No More Wars For Israel Conference–Columbus Day weekend in Southern
{For release} June 5th, 2007

The Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement is proud to announce that the
No More Wars For Israel conference will held this Columbus Day weekend,
in Southern California.

We have watched enough of our sons and daughters lose their precious
lives fighting for the parasitic state of Israel…We’ve also watched our
Constitution and Bill of Rights shredded and the erection of an Orwellian
police state complete with “perpetual war for perpetual peace” and
constant Big Brother surveillance….AGAIN all for the safety and
well-being of terrorist, parasite Israel and its agents ensconced inside
“our” government and media.

NOW is the time to do something about it…to speak out LOUDLY and condemn
the traitors and aliens who have wormed themselves into our body politic
just as a tick worms its way under a dogs skin.

Patriots and Nationalists from around the country and the world will be
gathering in Southern California to discuss and come up with a plan of
action to take our country BACK from these criminals….

Our list of scheduled speakers include:

*Canadian White rights and anti-illegal alien activist Paul Fromm

*American Free Press correspondent talk show host and best-selling author
(Final Judgment, High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, Judas Goats)
Michael Collins Piper

*Veteran Nationalist publisher and father of historical revisionism
Willis Carto

*American Free Press Correspondent and anti-Zionist activist Mark Glenn

*Catholic activist and vote fraud expert Jim Condit

*911 widow and crusader for the TRUTH of what REALLY happened on that
fateful day, Mrs. Ellen Mariani

*Pro-European American activist and expert on European pre-history Stan

*South African journalist, author and Boer rights activist Deirdre Fields

More names will be announced as speakers are confirmed. Please keep on
eye out for conference updates on this website, as well as in upcoming
issues of American Free Press…..

For more information please contact crescentandcross@yahoo.com