March 2006 Szymanski Investigative Journal RBN mp3 Archive

Greg Szymanski

Fri., March 31, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 )
Greg's first hour guest was Professor James Fetzer of 9/11 Scholars for Truth , talking about important issues related at getting at the truth behind 9/11. During the hour Greg was also joined by Phil Jayhan, 9/11 truth advocate, who is jaywalking across America and presenting evidence to the people on the streets withheld by the government and the corrupt 9/11 Commission.

In the second hour, Greg was joined by Scott Stevens, a professional meteorologist, who talked about how and why sophisticated government technology was used to control and modify the weather, increasing the chances for global disaster. (
Thu., March 30, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 )
Greg talked with Henry Makow, PhD, about the inner-workings of the Illuminati and the present challenge facing the American people to rid their country of the "cancer within." Dr. Makow also fielded a wide-range of questions, including how feminism was actually a mind control program established by the New World Order to systematically break down the American family.

In the second hour, Greg was joined by one of America's top 100 scientists, Dr. Mel Laney, who set the record straight about the government hype over the bird flu and warning the government-sponsored vaccination program may do more harm then good.
Wed., March 29, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 Missing )
Greg was joined in the first hour by Elizabeth Baumgartner, an attorney jailed in Ohio and treated like a political prisner for merely speaking out at a city council meeting.

In the second hour, Jack McLamb joined Greg, talking about how his son, an Army Major, as well as his family, have ben mistreated by Army brass over charges a military doctor sexually abused their young daughter. In the last half hour, The Investigative Journal travelled to Hollywood to talk with Anthony J. Hilder , who has been making anti-establishment videos since the 1960s.
Tue., March 28, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg was joined in the first hour with respected actor and human rights activist, Ed Asner, and Bob Dumas, who is trying to get to the truth about the POW scandal and why our government has lied about GI's being "Missing and Presumed Dead" when many are still alive. Listen to Asner as he also spoke about seeking the truth behind 9/11 and the Iraqi War, as well as supporting recent statements made by Charlie Sheen that the government is lying about 9/11.

In the second hour, Greg talked with Jamie Kelso, an activist seeking fair immigration policies around the world and in the United States.
Mon., March 27, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
1st hr. Guest: Beth from San Diego Talks with Greg about her continued electronic harassment. After she ran the Voices for Freedom message she has noticed an increase in the harassment.

2nd hr. Guest: Bahram Maskanian with the Venus Project speaks out against MadTV because of a derogatory sketch that depicts Persian and Iranian Women as whores and their children as monkeys.
Fri., March 24, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg interviewed Elsa Beth Baumgartner, a former attorney who was jailed for 243 days for speaking out at a city council meeting in Ohio. Baumgartner uncovered corruption in Ohio leading to the White House and now faces charges of Intimidation and Falsification (sending nonthreatening emails to a high court judge). For this charge, she spent 10 days in solitary confinement without access to attorney or telephone and faces an ominous Illuminati maximum term of 66 years and 6 months. Basically made a political prisoner under American fascism, the powers that be now tacked on another charge with an outstanding warrant pending and a maximum sentence of 45 years.

Greg also interviewed in the last half hour, Patrick Rudd, an activist who served 10 years in jail for taking on the illegal Federal Reserve system.
Thu., March 23, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 Missing )
This is one interview you shouldn't miss!

Greg talked with former Ambassador Leo Wanta, a former U.S. Treasury official under President Ronald Reagan. Wanta spend 134 days in a Swiss dungeon and is still serving, under house arrest in Switzerland, 10 years of a 22 year sentence for bogus Wisconsin income tax charges.

Wanta tells how he saved President Reagan from an assassination attempt, as well as how he gave Vince Foster $250 million earmarked for The Childrens' Fund and its chairman Hillary Clinton right before Foster was found dead.

Wanta also holds the financial key to perhaps one of the biggest bank heists in U.S. history, amounting to $752 billion of money stolen by the Illuminati that should be in the U.S. Treasury. He also was appointed trustee of $27 trillion, made as U.S. profits during the days he helped orchestrate the destabilization of the Russian currency.

A recent federal court ruling held in favor of Wanta's trustee authority of the enormous amount of money, an appointment made by Reagan. Presently, he said the only thing keeping him alive is "I know where the money is and they don't," wanting to return it to the U.S. Treasury and the American people before the criminals in Washington, including Bush and Clinton, manipulate the money into private accounts using the fraudulent Federal Reserve system to their advantage.
Wed., March 22, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 )
Greg in the first hour interviewed attorney Alfred Weber, who discussed 9/11 and presented his well-crafted 9/11 Independent Prosecutor's Act document, showing people how easy it is to open up an 9/11 investigation if introduced into the House or Senate.

In the second hour, Steve Esdale told how the murder of his father, Murray Cohen, has been covered up by authorities in Florida all the way up to the Gov. Jeb Bush and how a covert DEA agent from Bolivia may be behind the killing.
Tue., March 21, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
In the first hour, Greg talked with architectural photographer, Tom Gordon, about the strange disappearance of the World Trade Center's original architecture and building plans. Gordon is releasing a paper this week, outlining his firsthand knowledge about the missing plans as well as other 9/11 facts and evidence he has uncovered.

In the 2nd hour, libertarian lawyer, Rex Curry, visited with Greg, talking about how the Pledge of Allegiance has NAZI and German Nationalist Social Party roots. Curry wants to educate the public about the true history of the Pledge and how students shouldn't be brainwashed and forced to say it at the start of every school day. Visit Curry's web site at to see original photos of students in America who up until 1942 raised their arms in a straight-armed manner like Hitler's salute.
Mon., March 20, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
The Investigative Journal today travelled to Milan, Italy, to talk with Marco Saba of the Observatory of Organized Crime based in Geneva, Switzerland. Saba discussed the case of Dr. Francesco Pazienza, jailed illegally in Italy by the Washington D.C. elite getting too close to the inner-workings of American-sponsored terrorism abroad.

Saba told how Pazienza is fighting for his release, saying he was illegally extradited and is being held as a political prisoner. Pazienza has been jailed for more than 20 years after getting involved with Bush operative, Michael Ledeen, who used Pazienza as a fall guy since he too much about the Ocober Surprise, the 1980 Bologna train station bombing, the Vatican Bank Scandal and the P2 Masonic Lodge involvement in the Roberto Calvi killing, as well as ties to the bigwigs in Washington.

The powers that be felt that Pazienza knew too much and was a time bomb waiting to explode with information implicating Ledeen and others for terrorist activities, including helping arrange the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II.
Fri., March 17, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 )
Friday in the first half hour Greg checked in with Phil Jayhan in Tampa, who starting his Jaywalking Around America Video Tour to get at the truth behind 9/11. Next John Sharp, who edited the informative book Neo Conned, spoke about how the Iraqi anti-war movement was progressing as well as filing in listeners about the truth behind the illegal war and the lies told by the Bush administration to sell it to the people.

In the second hour, Paul Topete of the band Poker Face joined Greg, the band known around the country as the leading anti-neocon musical force in the nation. And finally in the last 20 minutes, Greg was interviewed by Sahar TV in Iran, the interview also being broadcast for RBN listeners.
Thu., March 16, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Another episode of Average Americans doing Above Average things! Guests: Amy Sassar, Joseph DuRocher, Holly Avila and George Manos
Greg took a "Neo Con Magical Mystery Tour" today, talking with people all over the country fighting tooth and nail against the New World Order. In two hours, The Investigative Journal traveled from east coast to west, first talking with Amy Sassar on her way to California, spreading 9/11 truth every step of the way. Greg then visited with former Navy pilot, Joseph DuRocher from Florida, who recently sent his aviator wings to President Bush in disgust over his policies and the state of America. Greg Then talked with Holly Avila from a small town in Pennsylvania, who was suspended from her grocery story clerk's job for displaying an anti-war slogan. Finally, George Manos from upstate New York told the audience how he worked for years as a government worker and has become extremely disillusioned after being forced out of his job for trying to streamline health care benefits.
Wed., March 15, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 )
In the first hour, Greg talked with Eric Jon Phelps regarding the powers controllng the New World Order and the Illuminati. Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, a book alleging the Jesuit Order as the main culprits, gave a detailed history of the Jesuits as well as linking the Order to the New World Order today. Phelps also told listeners how he knows the Zionist Jews are really inflitrated and under the subordination of the feared Jesuit Order.

In the second hour, Greg talked with Hesham Tillawi and Mark Glenn who have started a new group called 'the crescent and the cross solidarity movement.' The website can be found at .The purpose of our movement is to tell the truth about Islam and to show that this war between it and Christianity is an artificial conflict that has been created by outside forces for the purposes of making Israel th! e world's newest superpower.
Tue., March 14, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg talked in the first hour with former FBI agent and infiltrator, John Peeler , who as an insider had vital information concerning the government's involvement in Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11. When he decided to come clean and blow he whistle, the powers that be wanted him dead, but settled for framing his son for a murder he didn't commit. A former member of the U.S. military, Peeler's son now sits behind bars, serving a life sentence.

In the 2nd hour, Peeler stayed on the show and was joined by whistleblower D'Anne Burley, who told about how she uncovered vital intelligence before 9/11, leading to a terrorist cell. Burley has also been targeted by the government after she refused to stay silent when the government refused to act upon the information in her possession.
Mon., March 13, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
In the first half hour, Greg talked with Guest, Bob Dumas, updating the important POW issue, revealing how thousands of soldiers have been left behind enemy lines while the government has consistently for more than 50 years lied to family members.
In the second half hour, Greg welcomed True Ott to his show, as the excommunicated LDS church member talked about corruption in the church's hierarchy, leading to the doorstep of the New World Order.

In the 2nd hour, guest Steve Smith joined Greg, talking about the lawsuit he has filed for being illegally abused in MKULTRA government experimentation programs.
Fri., March 10, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Guest Host: Ken White known for Producing Frank Whalen's Frankly Speaking radio program in the morning. Takes the airwaves over to talk with a special guest...

Guest: Wayne Green author of "The Secret Guide To Health". will discuss necessary preparations people can make to ensure their health, protection and survival. Contact him at: 603-588-0107
Thu., March 9, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 )
1st hr. Guest: Dave Taus is the son of a falsely incarcerated Richard Taus. Richard was an FBI agent who had uncovered illegal activities that the CIA and the Mob families were involved in Drug Trafficking, 9-11 and US intervention in foreign affiars. Rodney Stich joins the conversation to comment on this case. He is a former FBI agent, an Author and Whistle Blower.

2nd hr. 10 min. Bob Dumas Looking for his missing POW Brother since the Koeran War. Tells Greg that Ron Paul sent in an investigation request to a congressional committee and; Updates Greg that in 1988 Korean POW's were seen in China.

2nd. Hr. Guest: A.K. Dewdney A prolific writer, Professor, and among other things,a frequent speaker and scientist with the 911 Truth Seekers movement. Talks with Greg about what happened on the flights envolved with 911. www.AKDewdney.html
Wed., March 8, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Guest: Mary Schneider is a Court Adjudicated Official Federal Whistle blower FIRED for reporting on-going Treason of Briberies and Cover Up Conspiracies that are 'Giving Aid and Comfort' to Illegal Muslims by rewarding numerous felonies with amnesty.
Guest: Penny Little has been documenting the problems with electronic voting machines and the election process. She was in Florida and Ohio during and in the aftermath of the Presidential Election 2004 with her cameras, and continues to be active in the election reform movement, often making appearances or calling in at salon showings of her film "Electile Dysfunction".
Tue., March 7, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Guest: Doyle Shamley is a Co-host of Hour of the Time radio show. He delves into research and connects the Illuminiti to a series of unexplainable events effecting him personally. They discuss the struggle with reaserching this orgnization and getting the message out to the people; and Milton William Cooper story.
Mon., March 6, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
Greg talks to Phillip Kronzer . The Kronzer Foundation for Religious Research was founded in January of 2001 by Phillip J. Kronzer to help victims of religious fraud. It is a non-profit organization that provides a resource center and network for people and families who have been taken advantage of. Their goal is to help families get their loved ones out of cults, into psychological deprogramming, and back into their life. Kronzer tells Greg the details behind the infiltration of major religions by Satanic Cults.
Fri., March 3, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 Missing )
1st Hr. Guest: Bill Gibbons is a concerned citizen that maintains a website about important issues threatning our country today. These issue he talks about today is illegle immigration. 2nd Hr. Guest: Ramona Lopez was very active in her community and well respected teacher in the state of California when certain events unfolded that transformed her world. She stumbled across some information, in 1990, that made her a target of harassment and gang stalking.
Thu., March 2, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 - Hr2 )
1st Hr. Guest: Cele Castillo received an early retirement from the DEA due to stress and damaged nerves to his arms and hands. Since his retirement he has had numerous TV, radio and newspaper interviews in order to expose Oliver North's drug trafficking activities and what he knows about the CIA and DEA collaboration with drug traffickers and murderers in Central America. 2nd Hr. Guest: Says OK City & 9/11 "Inside Jobs" . For more information:, If you would like to order 888-212-8871.
Wed., March 1, 2006: MP3s: Hr1 Missing- Hr2 Missing )
1st half hour Guest: Hr.Lea Hunter was a 2004 candidate for an associate justice seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Outspent nearly 10 to-1 by each of her opponents, a principled message using the power of the Internet made her nearly victorious. Finishing mere points behind the Democrat and Republican 'machine' candidates. Rachel refused to accept public funding and continues to stand on the same principles as the frontrunner for Chief Justice in the 2006 election. 2nd half hour Guest: Jack McLamb Jack McLamb's association, Police & Military Against The New World Order, has a singular goal to prevent those in uniform from being unwittingly used to enslave the people of free nations under the anti-God, anti-Freedom (United Nations-led) world government system. 2nd Hr Guest: Andrzej (Andrew) Suda After he realized that his Polish girlfriend was a spy, he went to the FBI. Among other things, there was evidence that local congressman, then Chief of Armed Forces Committee, gave his girlfriend a Green Card after Department of State attempted to deport her. Then her old INS file disappeared, it wasn't available even for the Office of Inspector General of U.S. Dept. of Justice. He approached the O.I.G. after an incident where the FBI exposed him to the Polish network. O.I.G. was able to get HARD EVIDENCE OF FBI WRONGDOING. Unfortunately, Washington forced O.I.G. to stop. His investigator transferred to California and can't talk any more. www.MindControlForums/Suda.htm