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Greg Szymanski

Mon., April 23, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1) Guest: Eric Jon Phelps, is cut off mid sentence when the show is cut abruptly at 45 minutes by Republic Broadcasting management who then play a farewell song as as filler. Mr Phelps website is http://vaticanassassins.org order his new book Vatican Assassins III.
(MP3: Hr2) One Hour of filler after Investigative Journal was shut down 45 minutes into the first hour.

Fri., April 20, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Open Line for BOTH hours.

Thur., April 19, 2007:
(MP3s: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Sophia Shaffquat regarding 911 Mysteries , from the psychological point of view. We Have been brainwashed and are compelled to believe anything the government tells us. This is Social Engineering. Second Hour is dedicated to Gregs Dad who owned a trucking company.
Hour 2 Guest: Wanda Piety Regarding the Truck Rally against Mexican truckers.

Wed., April 18, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Guest: Hamza Sid Catlett Bey Greg is back live after ongoing dental surgery... Hamza Sid Catlett Bey, a former Notre Dame University graduate, All American College Basketball Player and NBA player. Catlett now is an Eschatologist who also hosts his own weekly talk show. Don't miss this interview as Catlett wants to discuss the real story behind racism in America. Sid broadcasts on galactic7radio/StudioB and can be contacted at:
Website: http://galactic7radio.com

Tue., April 17, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Guest: Wanda Piety; Truck Rally and her treatment in hospital, ignored over illegal aliens. April 17th, 2007 Greg also interviewed Robert Clarkson about the voluntary income tax and NYPD police detective, Jim Rothstein, who set the record straight about the pedophile rings in America.

Mon., April 16, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 2 Guest Arthur Justo Noonez, 30 minutes into the second hour. Arthur claims the FBI was formed in 1928 by the Jesuits.
Hr1 & 2, Monday April 16,2007 was live, subject is free speech.

Fri., April 13, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 & 2 Guest: Eric Jon Phelps regarding the goal of the Jesuits to have a World Government under a Pope of their choosing. Greg and Eric are joined by Barry Chamish in the second hour.

Thu., April 12, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hr 1 & 2 Guest: Sean Dix tells about his development of the Floss rings and his finding out that dental floss is not sterilized. He originally took his product idea to Johnson & Johnson. The tentacles of the Vatican-led NWO stretch deep into every segment of American society, even dictating the type of dental floss used to clean teeth. Sound far fetched? Well it's not, according to inventor and product developer, Sean Dix, who spent two years in jail for trying to fight the corporate state of America set up destroy anybody who tries to buck the system and disrupt the powers that be. And Dix's incredible story serves as a prime example of how the Illuminati minions in business, the media and the Vatican have teamed up to create a devouring monster ready to consume total freedom in this country, including the freedom for "the little guy" to bring new and improved products and technology to the market place.
Website: http://www.flossrings.com

Wed., April 11, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Guest: Mike Cook April 11, 2007 Hr1 guest Mike Cook sent to phsyciatric hospital for 3 weeks as he said 911 was an inside job Then he got fired from his teaching job, so went to work as a carpenter. After the show he is to surrender himself to the Sherrif to be taken back to the psyhciatric hospital. Teaching Certificate was revoked.

Tue., April 10, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Glen Wright of Atlanta regarding the Tour of Hope group he started.
Hour 2 Guest: Greg Town on the destruction of the family.

Fri., April 6, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 & 2 Guest: Leo Zagami former P2 Masonic Lodge Member discusses the Illuminati control of the world and their plans for us.

Thu., April 5, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 Guest: Pastor Tony Alamo
Hour 2 Guest: Walter Burien website: http://cafr1.com
Walter talks in depth about the supressed COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS that are suppressed news items for the American people. These are the true books of any level of government in the USA mandatated to be done by a 1926 law, but are not released to the general population, so they never learn of the real wealth of the government. For instance in 1995 Motorola Corporation was 98% owned collectively by various levels of government in the USA. In 1995 the total excess funds by all levels of governments in the USA was 83.6 TRILLION dollars and it is invested in the Fortune 500 companies. This is TRUE Corporate Fascism, Mussolini must be dancing in his grave! Mussolini said, "that Fascism more rightly should be called Corporatism", as it is the blending/control of everything under a corporate pyramidal structure.

Wed., April 4, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 & 2 Guest: Pastor Tony Alamo
Tony Alamo's Nazi Catholics Photo Gallery
Greg discusses the Tour of Hope and Heddy in Venice Beach, California, she has been handing out brochures on the Venice Boardwalk about the Black Pope. Heddy was arrested after about 3 weeks of spreading her message on the boardwalk.

Tue., April 3, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Frank O'Collins
Frank O'Collins

Hour 1 & 2 Guest: Frank O'Collins
author of the "Almanac of Evil" This is a longstanding battle of good and evil, not only in this world but the next. They collect SOULS!!! Frank O'Collins Websites:
one-faith-of-god.org The Almanac of Evil book is here.
Author of the book "The Little Book of Awareness" (Southwood Press, 2005) and a number of spiritual web sites including: one-faith-of-god.org, one-heaven.org, one-islam.org, one-spirit-tribe.org and ucadia.com, O'Collins careers have spread across all levels of society including politics, finance, IT, rock and roll and even a year with the Capuchin Franciscan Friars contemplating joining the priesthood. Born into a very ancient family (O'Collins/O'Cuilleain) with a long history of religious dedication, he has spent over 20 years writing philosophy, including writing and receiving letters from dozens of world leaders concerning his ideas. O'Collins makes a strong case against Vatican corruption dating back to the time of the Constantine and the Roman Empire, bringing to the forefront "a hidden history", history that has been purposely covered-up and altered by the Vatican.

Mon., April 2, 2007:
(MP3: Hr1-Hr2 )
Hour 1 & 2 Guest: Eric Jon Phelps relating history of Jesuits. The Jesuits were expelled from South America, by edict of the King of Spain in the year: 1767 and had 2,000 sent back to the Vatican. This act by the King of Spain broke the power of the Jesuits who had completely taken over the governments in South America. The King of Spain went on to finance the revolution in 1775 of the several states against England! The Jesuits were not happy about this and went on to punish Spain. The Jesuits have controlled Britain since the time of King George III to the present time. The Jesuits deliberately created the Irish Famine to drive Irish Catholics to the United States! The Doctrine of Infallibility of 1870 created the concentrated power of the White Pope who could then be controlled by the Jesuits Black Pope. The Jesuits have been expelled from 86 countries and were expelled from Iraq in 1969!

Order Eric Jon Phelps book "Vatican Assassins III" sales@lowvehm.com (eMail for ordering instructions.)

And so, we have the Masons in control of the Nation of Islam and the Klu Klux Klan—one agitating Blacks, and the other agitating Whites, to the glory of the Jesuit Order. The other Civil Rights Movement had the Jesuits behind that—with LaFarge. Jesuit LeFarge was a great mover and shaker of the Civil Rights Movements. And that agitation resulted in amalgamation, race-mixing, the destruction of a White race and a Black race, producing a nation of hybrids that cannot maintain free government. That is what they proposed to do in the first Reconstruction, but it failed; so they succeeded in the second Reconstruction in the ’60s. The Jesuits are masters of the races. They know their strengths and their weaknesses.

The only race who successfully resisted the Jesuit Order is the White, Anglo-Celtic, Saxon race, with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. And so they’ve got to take the Bible away, they’ve got to take the gun away, and they’ve got to destroy that race. And that’s what they are e ssentially doing here. I know that’s a racist statement, but I’m sorry, it’s just the way it is. That’s history, and that’s what they’re doing.

Father Martinez April 2007 Commercial for his CD Listen to Father Martinez undermine the Jews