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Greg Szymanski
Every Sunday
Confessions To The Jesuits
By Greg Szymanski

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A Jesuit Priest

Bless me Father for I have sinned. My last confession was 1982 when I knelt at your unholy altar in the Sistine Chapel, begging forgiveness for openly claiming your highest of Church leaders, including Pope John Paul II and the Jesuit General known as the Black Pope actually worshipped Lucifer and had the blood of millions on their hands.

For this confession, made to an unknown Vatican priest and spoken in Italian, I was given penance to perform of two rosaries, 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Mary's.

Further, I was instructed to spend a day of reflection and fasting for what the priest claimed were words provoked by the Devil, who entered my life in a period of loneliness, confusion and doubt.

Before I left the confessional, the priest told me to study the history of the Church, the Jesuit Order and the Bible, as this would clear up my misconceptions about the Pope, the Black Pope and satanic worshipping in the Vatican.

For the better part of 20 years, I took the priest's advice, reading and compiling information voraciously about secret cults, Masonic influence in all religions, the New World Order, the Brotherhood and every other piece of evidence relating to man's inhumanity to man.

And up until 2002, I kept my findings silent, studying law, talking peacefully to myself in nightly prayer sessions and remembering the Vatican priest's words to think and understand before I spoke and spread heresy.

For the most part, I was successful, keeping quiet or allowing others to speak for me through journalistic third party articles.

But late in 2002, I opened my mouth again, coming to the same bloody conclusion as I did in 1982. This time, however, I prefer to make my confessions public, asking for answers instead of forgiveness. I ask the simple question: who are the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order? And from that simple question is it the Jesuits disguised as Catholics? Is it the Zionists disguised as Jews? Is it the Mormons? Is it a secret society of temporal Satanists? Is it the Muslims? Is it the Hindus? Who really controls the Council on Foreign Relations? Who controls the Bank of International Settlements, called the Banker's bank?

And it all starts Sunday with "Open Confession with the Jesuits," a weekly series, running every Sunday in the Arctic Beacon. In Greg's first confession, he bears his heart and soul for the cause of truth, saying as a young student in Catholic school he was encouraged to ask tough questions, adding he can't understand why that has all changed as an adult. If he could ask his high school religion teacher, Father Mulcahy, about Satan worshipping in the Vatican, why can't he pose the same question to the Jesuit General as an adult? He also wants to know why a Jesuit cemetery on the East Coast, visited by the Jesuit General in 2002, is shaped like a vagina?

So don't miss the first confession, as Greg talks with several Jesuits, including Jesuit Brother Dan Peterson, an archivist in the Los Angeles Province and Jesuit Father Bill Williams from the Missouri Province at the Denver House, two priests who follow the rules and believe in the goodness of the Order, saying their military connotations are exaggerated.

The Sunday confessions are geared to spur debate, not to create a biased forum based on innuendo, conjecture and misleading statements. All interested parties are asked to participate, including the Jesuit General himself, who is being sent a formal invitation to comment in writing or be interviewed personally. Please email the Arctic Beacon at: arcticbeacon@earthlink.net with your research, comments and inside knowledge about the role of the powerful Jesuits in the history of the world since their inception in 1540.

Further, Jesuits who are content and happy in the Order are encouraged to share their thoughts like Father Bill and Brother Dan. Also, Jesuits who feel trapped or prisoners in a "military order," based on what they say are lies and lies and deceit, are encouraged to contribute by contacting the Arctic Beacon at arcticbeacon@earthlink.net.

Our staff has just been notified that an interested third party will assist in locating food, lodging and safe shelter, as some discontented Jesuits have expressed sentiments that they want to leave the Order but feel "trapped with nowhere to go."

And while the discussions begin, don't forget to have your public confession heard every Sunday as a part of the weekly series Confessions with the Jesuits, an exclusive Arctic offering.

Note: All Sunday Confession articles will be recorded on an audio CD for future distribution, so don't forget to be a part of the search for the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order, starting with the Jesuits, moving to the Mormons and then going on to the Rabbis, as well as other religions and spiritual leaders. As the topic is quite broad, there should be no shortage of interesting confessions.

Greg Szymanski