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Part One: The Strange Case of Dr. Francesco Pazienza Donato. His Story Opens the Door to How America Sponsors Terrorism Abroad and How It Has Tried to Destroy Italy and the Italian Lifestyle.
Dr. Pazienza, first hired by Michael Ledeen, has been locked away in jail as a 'political prisoner' for more than 20 years and now is in solitary confinement.
20 Mar 2006

By Greg Szymanski


If the truth ever is fully known about the strange case of Dr. Francesco Pazienza, the lid should be finally blown sky-high off the White House, blowing a hole so deep and wide that every President since Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan will be nabbed for treasonous high crimes against humanity and the civilized world.


And according to observers in Italy when the dust finally settles, the reason why Pazienza is being held as "a political prisoner" should finally put the finishing touches on despicable men like Michael Ledeen, Karl Rove and President George W. Bush, to name a few.


Although Pazienza claims he doesn't know much, the powers that be think otherwise, keeping him locked away for more than 20 years in a jail in Livorno, Italy.


And according to his last written communication one month ago, as he is prohibited from speaking on the phone or having visitors other than his immediate family, he is being held under maximum security conditions in solitary confinement.


Concerning his legal troubles, it doesn't take a legal scholar to understand what happened to Pazienza, even though the many charges and cases filed against him in the U.S., Rome and Bologna have left the truth confused and smothered under thousands of pages of legal mumbo jumbo, most of the pages obviously an orchestrated smokescreen to protect the guilty parties.


And in layman's lingo, after sifting through the legal minutia, what happened to the Italian insider working for his Washington and Vatican masters is simple.


Pazienza in the mid 1970's was first hired by Ledeen, who now is one of the diabolical brains behind Rove and Bush, as a covert Italian operative. Although Pazienza denies the allegations, Italian authorities and court records suggest he provided inside information on the infamous "Billygate Scandal," for the GOP, a scandal involving President Jimmy Carter's brother and Libya, in order to insure Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush a clear path to the White House.


According to Italian authorities and political observers, Pazienza also was assigned to shift attention to Libya and Carter while, at the same time, making arrangements for George H. Bush to covertly pull off the infamous "October Surprise," also assuring  Reagan the White House.


Besides 'Billygate,' Pazienza allegedly was deeply involved in many other CIA activities in Italy, including the 1980 Bologna train bombing blamed on terrorists but orchestrated by Washington, the behind the scenes activities of the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, the inner-dealings of the Vatican Bank scandal and the Jesuit Order and the involvement of the P2 Masonic Lodge tying Ledeen, Reagan and others like Licio Gelli, the P2 leader.


Whether he was knowingly involved or made a patsy by higher-ups, according to observers, Pazienza had "to be shut up and put away for life" to protect people like Ledeen, Reagan, Bush and others.


And according to Pazienza, his Italian lawyer and others fighting for his release, he was set up for a fall and illegally extradited from America to Italy in 1987 by a corrupt ruling by federal judge Stephen Trott of the 9th Circuit, paving the way for a bogus Italian trial, far away from U.S. public scrutiny.


Marco Saba of the Observatory on Organized Crime(OCO) in Geneva, Switzerland, one man who has extensively researched the case and fighting for justice for Pazienza, said this week in a phone conversation from Milan:


"Francesco Pazienza was a consulting of the Italian Intelligence Service and a friend of the Reagan Administration. You may recall the "Billygate", when the brother of Jimmy Carter was exposed as being a good friend of Gheddafi of Libya . It was Pazienza who collected the evidence about Billy Carter being close with Gheddafi.


"The Reagan-Bush candidates used this scandal to gain support in their  election,

while Michael Ledeen took the merit of this operation "Billygate". In  fact,

'Billygate'was useful to cover up the 'October Surprise,' where the elder Bush  was in Paris negotiating with the Iranians to maintain the American hostages until after he and Reagan were elected.


"Francesco Pazienza was framed for extradition from the US with the help of a

corrupt judge who was useful also to frame CIA agent Edwin Wilson just released from U.S. prison last September. This judge, Stephen Trott, is now in the federal court 9th circuit."


Recently Saba and the OCO, also working on cases regarding Osama bin Laden's financial network in Switzerland and bank accounts of international corrupted and bribed judges held in Swiss Banks, wrote a strongly worded letter to Judge Trott seeking answers for his decision in the Pazienza case, as well as highlighting OCO's investigation in the chain of killings involved in what has come to be known as "Operation Gladio'.


The following is a copy of the Saba's letter recently sent to Judge Trott:


Dear Judge Stephen Trott,


It is because of the esteem and respect that I devote to the 9th Circuit that I write to you....


First of all, some few words about me. I am Marco Saba, a member of the Observatory on Organized Crime in Geneva. The OCO was involved in the working out of the "2002 OCO Report on the OSAMA BIN LADEN Financial Network in Switzerland. The report we are now working on is titled: "Banks accounts of international corrupt and bribed judges held in Swiss Banks".


The OCO members comes from the international judiciary system - as many lawyers and judges and from special police teams from all over the world as many are former undercover officials and members from the intelligence apparatus.


In my country, Italy, I have investigated the affair of depleted uranium weapons and I reported to the Italian parliament and to the Foreign Affairs Commission in the year 2000.


But my more important investigation was on the chain of killings of many Italian officials from the Stay-Behind organization - here called GLADIO that occurred in the '80s and '90s. I was able to discover still living members from that organization - survivors - that were not included in the official propaganda-list of Gladio officers published by the Italian media which was a damage-control list created by the NATO officer Francesco Giranda. One of the unlisted survivors - Antonino Arconte - was able to publish an electronic book where he speaks about the subversion he did - under U.S. orders - on foreign states like Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, etc. For your information, the U.S. liaison officer in Rome was Charles Bernard Moses linked to James Jesus Angleton.


By the way, you may know that subversion of foreign governments was the first account at the Nazi-crime Court of Nuremberg. The killings of former Stay-Behind officers - the killings of the state sponsored killers - occurred under orders for which was responsible the former Italian president Francesco COSSIGA - among others. Those killings were done in a "Kennedy Form" style: to shut-up some possible witness. But - unfortunately for someone - not all the witnesses were killed or jailed on false accounts.


And here you come. This letter is for asking to you to revert precisely the unjust jailing of a former intelligence officer who happened to become an inconvenient witness.


Another of those jailings that happened on the basis of false accounts that condemned some intelligence people to more than 18 years of prison - just to shut-them-up. From deep inside the Italian secret service come the new that it was you (are you?) the liaison officer between the US Judiciary system and the CIA. It was in those clothes that you happened to be the key member of the conspiracy against some individuals - maybe the most notable case in the US is the case of Edwin Wilson.


The Day Court Throws Out Ex-CIA Officer's Conviction After 20 Years In Prison published on 10/30/2003 - Houston (AP) - A federal judge threw out the conviction of a former CIA operative who has spent 20 years in prison for selling arms to Libya, saying the government knowingly used false evidence against him. Edwin P. Wilson, 75, was convicted in 1983 of shipping 20 tons ofC-4 plastic explosives to Libya - something he said he did to ingratiate himself with the Libyan government at the CIA's request...


The name of the Italian Edwin Wilson is FRANCESCO PAZIENZA. He is serving an UNLIMITED term because of the manipulation of extradition papers and documents done by YOU in accord with corrupt Italian judges that I don't want to mention here because You know well who they are. The same wrong doing as in the case of Wilson, the same Judge - you. On September 18, 2002 you told: "The principles that distinguish us from the rest of the world, principles from which we must not stray, are engraved in the Bill of Rights."


Yes Sir, but looking closely in the Bill of Rights I don't find the right to do "unjust persecution of people "whose work was devoted to the Institutions. Am I right? If so - please, do something to revert the unjust - at least confess the wrong done - you will be given immunity. Citing your own 2002 words: "The suspect would be given immunity from prosecution based on information elicited by the torturer. The warrant would limit the torture to non-lethal means such as sterile needles stuck under his fingernails, inserted to cause excruciating pain without endangering life." Do what it is in your power to correct the wrong and I will stop writing about this disgusting and outrageous issue.


Regarding international law violations committed by the Italian and U.S. governments against Pazienza, a statement released by his Italian legal team is well worth reading, as it explains exactly how the "corrupt system" has kept him behind bars all these years.


In 1987, the then Government of the Republic of Italy decided to seal under the STATE SECRET restraining order the whole extradition file of Dr. Francesco PAZIENZA D. from the U.S. kept in the Italian Ministry of Justice to forestall s request for consultation submitted by the International Law Department of the Rome University of Tor Vergata.


The STATE SECRET classification is still in force nowadays.


From March until December 2004 the U.S. Department of State, following a request submitted by a researcher of a Geneva based N.G.O. as per the U.S. Law called F.O.I.A. (Freedom of Information Act), consented to declassify and deliver all such documents that were, and still are, unavailable in Italy.


The unmentionable reasons that determinated such a sealing under the Italian law nr. 801 of 1977 were stripped bare.


After perusing the documents delivered by the U.S. Department of State including a set of them originally classified as "SECRET" or "CONFIDENTIAL" by the U.S. it came out that the then Government of Italy had willfully perpetrated multiple violations of the provisions of the U.S. - Italy Extradition Treaty of 1983.


Breaches of the Rule of Specialty foreseen into Art. XVI as well the violation by omission of the mandatory obligations included into Art. X and having furthermore proffered to the American counterpart a rendition of the facts and alleged proof of evidences being unfaithful if not openly false.


It is today understandable that such behavior of deception had been implemented by the Italian Government after having previously received several communications by both the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Justice that were qualifying the reasons for the extradition demands and related documentation previously submitted as being legally baseless.


To this purpose is interesting to read a message classified as "SECRET" of Nov. 14, 1984 dispatched by the U.S. Ambassador in Italy Mr. Maxwell Rabb to the U.S. Department of State where the diplomat was informing that he had met the director of the Italian spy agency SISMI on his demand and who, on behalf of the then prime minister, solicited the rendition of Pazienza no matter if there was no legal justifications for a legitimate extradition.


To facilitate this scheme the Italian spy chief even traveled to Langley (VA) asking for the help of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency.


To a F.O.I.A. request submitted to the C.I.A. for the releasing of documentation related to its involvement in the Pazienza extradition and as well of its relationship with an Italian magistrate very active in that matter the Agency refused to consent calling the exemptions listed as obligations to protect intelligence's sources and methods.


Further messages declassified and delivered by the U.S. Department of State show how the Italian Ministry of Justice was highly recommending the American counterpart to do its best for finding the way to skip U.S. Judges and Courts who might have realized, in the matter of the extradition of Dr. Francesco Pazienza, how the charges were openly trumped up.


It is not by a coincidence that even the Italian Supreme Court in 1993 stated that the extradition of Pazienza from the U.S. had been extremely equivocal confirming his acquittal after being charged and prosecuted for slander after having publicly stated that his extradition from the U.S. had been obtained with "phony papers".


On March 10, 2005 Dr. Francesco Pazienza readied a memorandum in English of 66 pages sending it from the prison of Livorno, where he is detained, to the head of the legal affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Mr. Nicolas Acker.


In this document he was outlining how the effects stemming from the blatant violations committed by the then Italian Government were rendering his detention openly illegal and illegitimate.


The parcel sent via registered mail mysteriously disappeared from the circuit of the Italian Postal Service and never reached the address of the U.S. Embassy in Rome.

More than a month later Mr. Acker would eventually receive that same document because delivered by Pazienza's defense counsel in Rome.


Mr. Acker having ascertained the extreme seriousness of what asserted by Pazienza decided to dispatch the document along with the annexed exhibits to the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington.


Presently Dr. Francesco Pazienza firmly believes that he is no more a person legally detained in a prison of a democratic Country but a kidnapped person by a State where does not exist the Rule of Law.


Editor's Note: To date no action has been taken on the Pazienza case, all his pleas essentially being ignored. Read tomorrow in Part II about his 2005 hunger strike and his lengthy letter sent to Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice who has not responded. Also read how his case links America and the CIA to major terrorist activities abroad, as well as the Vatican Bank scandal, the 1980 Bologna train station bombing and the shooting of Pope John Paul II.

Greg Szymanski

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