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Part III: 2005 Letter Sent By Italian OperativeTo Condaleeza Rice Nabs U.S. High-Level Officials With Ties To Sponsoring Assassinations And Terrorism Abroad
Dr. Francesco Pazienza's final plea for justice sent to the U.S. Department of State has been ignored for one year as the criminals in Washington are allowed to roam free like a pack of rats in their 'Cheesy' world of deception and terrorism.
22 Mar 2006

By Greg Szymanski

For those who look deep below the surface, it's easy to see the wet blood still dripping off the hands of every neo con warlord taking the podium in Washington D.C. or appearing on national television.

In fact, these cold blooded killers, masquerading as public servants and politicians, are easy to spot since blood is still dripping from one side of their mouths as they talk nonsense out of the other.

And nonsense is the name of the game for these Illuminati deceivers, as they shift attention from their "killing fields" to their deceptively false political, academic and social agenda.

It's happening right now, as the masters of deception and trickery are playing the American population for fools, spinning lies on a daily basis as the bloodshed flows all over the world like an out of control river of death.

And this death, deception, shifting of attention and silencing of detractors is abundantly clear in the strange case of Dr. Francesco Pazienza, the Italian operative jailed by high ranking members of the Illuminati working in the U.S. government and in the Bush administration.

Observers may question and say:

Why focus on Pazienza? Why focus on one drop of blood in a sea of red when so many other people are dying all over the world from Illuminati terror?

The reason is Pazienza's story highlights how Washington bigwigs lock people away and how they kill for sport, setting-up terrorist bombings and disasters around the world like normal people set-up weekend getaways or Saturday afternoon barbeques.

As Pazienza's case makes clear, if they would kill 83 in the 1980 Bologna bombing, don't you think they would kill innocent children at Waco, hundreds at Oklahoma City and more than 3,000 on 9/11?

This, of course, is only the tip of the ice berg, as millions of innocents are slated to unknowingly walk a direct path into the 21st century's rendition of the Illuminati guillotine.

For centuries, they have been doing this and for centuries they have been the driving force behind war, famine and death, killing millions along the time line of history as easily as swatting flies in a horse barn during the dead of summer.

So, in the case of Pazienza, as we look at one drop in the larger bucket of Illuminati blood, we see a pattern of deception, corruption and killing that played out in Italy in the 1980's and playing out today in a similar manner on the streets of America

As we speak, Pazienza, who may hold the key to how U.S. Illumunati minions sponsored death, destruction and terrorism in Italy, sits locked away in solitary confinement in a Livorno, Italy, jail.

And according to Marco Saba of the Observatory of Organized Crime (OCO) in Geneva, Switzerland, Pazienza was illegally extradited and framed by the U.S. government, a pattern of judicial corruption used by the Illuminati masters time and time again.

In the case of Pazienza, lock him away so the big boys in the White House, as well as the network of the Masonic Illuminati, posing as Jesuit priests and Zionist Jews, are protected.

As the old saying goes, there is no honor among thieves. But in the Pazienza case, his last ditch effort to free himself from a lifetime of prison based on an illegal extradition from the U.S. to Italy, may serve to expose more pieces in the Illuminati's killing puzzle.

In a sharply worded, extremely revealing and lengthy legal analysis, Pazienza's legal counsel, Renato Borzone of Rome, drafted a March 2005 plea sent to Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, who failed to respond.

However, in the lengthy letter many revealing facts surfaced, showing how the Illuminati works undercover by using the CIA and the Italian Secret Service, as two more useful tools in their killing machine.

The following are excerpts from the Rice letter pointing out how the "New Underworld Order" really works:


The Italian citizen Francesco Pazienza Donato was arrested on March 4 , 1985 for extradition purposes on demand of the G.o.I. in the city where he was officially living : New York . His American address was officially registered in the list of the Italian foreign resident citizens kept , as per the Italian law regulating such an issue , both in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( the A.I.R.E. list ) and the registry office of the Italian Town Hall where he was previously residing : Rome . The G.o.I. was perfectly aware that Mr. Pazienza was living in New York at least since Jan. 13 , 1983 ( Exh. 3 ) .

Notwithstanding the G.O.I. had submitted numerous requests for extraditions to the American counterpart and that at that time Mr. Pazienza had never had previous problems with the Italian Justice it was decided that the only case that could stand before a U.S. Judge was that of his involvement with the failed Italian bank Banco Ambrosiano . The documents released by the D.o.S. show how on Jan.23 , 1984 the D.o.S. had already rejected an extradition request for the same case for the total lack of probable cause that he could have committed the crime . There are several communications between the G.o.I. and the D.o.S. where it is mentioned that the only case that could have been brought before a U.S. Court with some hopeful expectation was again that of the Banco Ambrosiano affair already rejected : amount of the money involved 250.000 U.S. dollars .

The documents freed thanks to the F.O.I.A. show the very questionable strategy suggested by the G.o.I. and unfortunately abetted by the D.O.S. and the Department of Justice : avoiding the maximum possible a U.S Court of Justice , getting an extradition order for whatever it could be by a U.S. Judge , shipping back the extraditable in Italy and then granting all the further extraditions through the bureaucracy of the D.o.S. with waivers of the rule of specialty . On charge of the extradition hearings was appointed the U.S. Judge Hon. Charles L. Brieant of New York - South Manhattan - who issued a favorable extradition decision on Sept. 25 , 1985 for two counts related to the bank's failure in Italy .

It is a matter of fact that on Judge Brieant it had been exerted the heaviest political pressure from Washington to consent to extradition through Hon. Stephen Trott of the Department of Justice and nowadays judge of the 9th Circuit of the Court of Appeals in San Francisco (CA) .

Nevertheless, quite disgusted, Hon. Brieant could not restrain himself from writing in his opinion that "All such tales of intrigue , suspicion , undercover police work , and internecine political warfare appear sincerely expressed ( by Dr. Pazienza ) " .

The intrigues were going on even over the extradition proceedings. On Aug. 7, 1985 Mr. Jonathan Kwitny of the Wall Street Journal , who attended at the hearings , wrote on the front page of the newspaper : " A U.S. Customs Agent has testified in extradition proceedings that an ' unidentified group of people ' who he said might be Italian agents , want Mr. Pazienza dead ' ( Exh. 4 ) . Title of the article " Tale of intrigue - How an Italian Ex - Spy Who Helped America Landed in U.S. Prison " .

Eventually the minutes of the July 15 , 1985 hearing were unbelievably doctored to shield the G.o.I. and its intelligence agency changing the expression " Italian agents " into " international organized crime " .

When Dr. Pazienza realized such an abuse on Febr. first , 1986 he officially wrote a second letter from the Metropolitan Correctional Center of New York where he was still detained to Mr. David Denton, U.S. Deputy Attorney , and to Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, U.S Attorney for the Southern Manhattan District , stating that :

" Following my letter of Dec. 13,1985 , I am in the position to definitely confirm that the minutes corresponding to the cross - examination of the U.S. CUSTOMS SERVICE Galligan has been edited and forged on the section of pag 18 and 19 related to the hearing of July 15 , 1985 . the meaning of such a forgery has been to protect the Italian intelligence organization S.I.S.M.I " .* ( Exh. 5 )

Frankly speaking it is quite astonishing that such kind of forgery could have been implemented in a Federal Court of Justice of a democratic Country as the United States of America .

Previously , on May 4 , 1985 , the journalist Mr. Massimo Jaus had written on the New York Italian daily newspaper " Il Progresso " :

" But here we have even verified that prosecutor Denton had warned Pazienza that a ' contract ' had been put on him as per the mafia parlance meaning when there is the decision to hire someone for killing somebody ells , in this case Pazienza . Actually Mafia and Italian intelligence seem to be intertwined ". * ( Exh. 6 )

Also very illuminating , regarding the intrigues mentioned by Hon. Brieant , it is what reported in a memorandum of 1984 of the US. Customs Service ( ref. : NY05PR320015 - Exh. 7):

" On Monday June 18 , 1984 we met in Rome with Judge Misiani who was investigating Francesco Pazienza . Misiani stated that he had knowledge of Pazienza and Dominico Lombino ( who has been associated with Salvatore Patafio, Cesare Bonventre, Bonanno family in Brooklyn etc. ) having smuggled 2.1 billion dollars into the United States by air . When asked for documentary evidence the judge alluded to the fact that he could not disclose the evidence at the present time because of Italian law " .

This Italian magistrate , Francresco Misiani , had solicited a meeting in Rome with the U.S. Customs Service and the U.S. Assistant Attorney for the District of Brooklyn , Mrs . Reena Raggi , with the only prearranged purpose to deliberately deceive through lies having never existed and never would eventually exist any case concerning what he referred to the American delegation . The only aim was that of the harassment of Pazienza.

Prior to Misiani a different magistrate had intervened in Italy : Mr. Domenico Sica , at that time a close friend of Mr. Misiani .

With a deceptive operation masterminded with the Italian intelligence agency S.I.S.M.I. , with whom he was in a very cozy relationship , he prepared a phoney documentation aimed at the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation that received it from the U.S. Embassy in Rome on April 1983 . Such a document was alleging that Mr. Pazienza was " involved in the refining of narcotics and money laundering for organized crime organizations of U.S. , Italy , Spain , Montecarlo and France " .

All such alleged criminal activity was carried out from Pazienza ' s office in New York City ( Exh. 8 ) .

On Dec. 19 , 1983 the U.S. Embassy in Rome addressed a letter to Mr. Sica that ended saying that : " No further investigation is being conducted by our New York services at this time due to the lack of apparent criminal violations in the United States - signed : Frank J. Walburger - legal attach - " ( Exh . 9 ) .

Again such activity was aimed only at the harassment of Mr. Pazienza and demonstrates how both magistrates Misiani and Sica were perfectly aware that Pazienza was living in U.S. . We will see how this detail is highly relevant from the legal point of view .

We are before two Italian public officials having cooperated with the Italian intelligence to fabricate fake proofs of evidence , lying to U.S. Federal Agencies that had even to sustain a financial burden for investigations of alleged crimes in the U.S. while , since the beginning , the two Italian magistrates were perfectly knowing that the information they were providing were completely bogus .

Furthermore to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted to the Central Intelligence Agency on March 11 , 2004 for the releasing of " Documentation or internal memorandums mentioning the Italian magistrate Domenico Sica ( . . . ) on the years 1984 to 1986 " , on Sept. 16 , 2004 ( Ref.: F - 2004 - 01050 ) , C.I.A. officially refused to consent calling the exemptions listed as (b)(3) : " Obligations to protect from disclosure intelligence sources and methods ……" ( Signed : Scott A. Koch . Secr. Agency Release Panel ) .

Therefore we can logically speculate that the Italian magistrate Domenico Sica at that time was also a "source " of the Central Intelligence Agency .

Once arrested on March 4 , 1985 Mr. Pazienza in vain asked that all the cases filed for extradition by the G.o.I. before the D.o.S. and the Department of Justice had to be brought before a U.S. Court of Justice ( Exh. 10 ) .

Repeatedly over the previous year - as per the documents released by the D.o.S. - the " requested party " , i.e. the United States , had communicated to the G.o.I. that the documents filed were legally worthless being not able to show that Dr. Pazienza was responsible of the alleged offenses for which extradition was requested due to a lack of probable cause and therefore there were no chances to obtain an extradition order issued by a U.S. Federal Court .

It is worth to mention just few of those communications emanating from the D.O.S. :

( P R 102312Z JAN 84 - FM SECSTATE TO AMEMBASSY - LIMITED OFFICIAL USE STATE 007482 ) - " ( Pazienza ) will not be arrested on Milan Charges because of documentary deficiencies . D.O.S. is extremely doubtful that G.O.I , even by revising documents , can present acceptable probable cause evidence to support its extradition request on Milan charges " .

( CONFIDENTIAL - 0 100812Z NOV 84 - FM SECSTATE to AM EMBASSY ROME - STATE 336134 ) - " The vast majority of the material perused so far is comprised of rambling , hearsay information , etc. , which adds up to virtually no hard evidence which could be persuasive to a U.S. Court of probable cause that Pazienza committed crimes for which Italy states it wants him extradited ".

( SECRET - 0 141606Z - FM AMEMBASSY ROME TO SECSTATE - ROME 27861 ) - In this dispatch the U.S. Ambassador to Italy Mr. Maxwel Rabb informs the D.o.S. that on Nov. 14 , 1984 he met with the italian chief of the military intelligence agency S.I.S.M.I. Mr. Fulvio Martini and that on behalf of the Italian prime minister Mr. Bettino Craxi he asked for Mr. Pazienza to be extradited even if there were non proofs of evidence.

( CONFIDENTIAL - FM AM EMBASSY ROME TO AM CONSUL MILAN 0 091009Z FEB 85 ZFF4 ) On Febr. 9 , 1985 the U.S Embassy in Rome informs the U.S. Consulate in Milan that the extradition papers landed on the D.o.S. for the extradition of Mr. Pazienza were legally worthless .

( CONFIDENTIAL - FM AM EMBASSY ROME TO SECSTATE PRIORITY 5588 - DEPT JUSTICE WASHDC - ROME 09571 ) On April 16 , 1985 the U.S. Embassy in Rome informs the D.o.S. that following the arrest of Mr. Pazienza in New York on March , 4 a close aide of the Italian Minister of Justice , Mr. Rocco Palamara , was very worried that a U.S. Judge might be called to decide on all the cases filed by the G.o.I ; that such a possibility had to be avoided at all costs and adding that the only suitable option was that only Italian magistrates had to decide on the fate of Mr Pazienza once sent back to Italy . Therefore it was primarily important , for the G.o.I. , to find a way for an extradition decided by the administrative body of the D.o.S. and not by a U.S. Court . It is a matter of fact that on June 14 , 1985 Hon. Brieant had before him all the cases filed by the G.o.I. . Once he expressed the opinion that the " bunch of cases " ( as per his words ) were worthless all the documentation was withdrawn and eventually extradition consented by the D.o.S. through waivers of the rule of specialty ( Exh. 11 ) . Frankly speaking a very questionable behavior .

It is however noteworthy too that that G.O.I. over the same period of time did not reciprocate U.S. with the same generosity and complacency over the " Achille Lauro - Klingoffer affair " abetting the escape of the Palestinian terrorist Abu Abbas highly sought by U.S. .


As far it concerns the magistrate Domenico Sica .

Mr. Sica had been a friend of Pazienza soliciting favors for his career advancement . The relationship between them turned sour when Pazienza refused on his demand to release a false testimony against a former magistrate colleague of Sica turned politician with the Christian Democratic Party and when the same political party refused to back him who was aiming at the chairmanship of the Italian civil intelligence agency S.I.S.D.E. . Hereto again it is what Mr. E. Morrison Esq. wrote to Hon. Trott in the above mentioned letter of Febr. 11 , 1986 (see Exh.15) : " Incredible to be sure , but nevertheless true , is the fact that the promoter of this so called Super - SISMI investigation and prosecution of Dr. Pazienza is Magistrate Domenico Sica . This is the same Domenico Sica who has had a personal animosity against Dr. Pazienza since 1981 when he lost his bid for the Chairmanship of the Italian Civil Secret Service called SISDE ( See Attachment 6 ) and apparently blamed Dr. Pazienza for not securing the appointment to this position " . The U.S. Embassy in Rome confirmed with bafflement to the D.o.S. such a previous personal relationship between Pazienza and Sica and the SISDE affair as well with the following message : " R 301303Z APR.85 - FMAMEMBASSY ROME TO SECSTATE WASHDC 6192 - DEPT JUSTICE WASHDC - LIMITED OFFICIAL USE ROME 10845 - JUSTICE FOR ASST. ATTORNEY GENERAL TROTT " .

During the investigating stage Magistrate Sica forced the former fiance of Pazienza to have a sexual relationship with him under threat of a possible indictment . The young woman , Ms. Marina De Laurentiis , was the niece of a famous Hollywood movie producer , Mr. Dino De Laurentiis (see Exh. 4 ) , thus she had to give in to avoid a possible scandal . A heinous blackmail . Mr. Sica knew that Pazienza had been informed of such a highly despicable and unlawful behavior and he could not run the risk to have him in a Court of justice in Italy revealing this kind of niceties . The habit of Mr. Sica to solicit sex from female witnesses and defendants was indeed business as usual and not an exception . Almost everybody was knowing his unsavory habit in Rome institutional circles but nobody ever acted or objected .

On August 26 , 2003 the daily International Herald Tribune reported on pag. 5 that a judge from Santa Fe ( New Mexico ) was sentenced to nine years in prison ( six years suspended ) because found guilty of offering female defendants lighter sentences in exchange for sex .

Italy is a different planet in a different galaxy . . .

The Super - Sismi trial was meticulously prearranged by Mr. Sica and the S.I.S.M.I. spy agency as introductory and instrumental to the Case nr. 2 described hereinafter and whose aim was to cover up the Libyan criminal responsibilities in the Bologna ' s train station bombing of Aug. 2 , 1980 . Pazienza had to play the scapegoat .

Once Pazienza was set free in Italy, on Dec. 1 , 1988 the magistrate Sica , freshly promoted by the G.o.I. to the post of High Commissioner for organized crime investigations , implored Pazienza to keep his mouth shut on what he was knowing about him not to ruin his career . The meeting between them took place in the office of the official legal counsel of the Christian Democratic Party , Mr. Giuseppe De Gori , Esq. as per Sica's begging .

All the above mentioned disgusting facts have been thoroughly described in a book written by Pazienza while sitting in jail ( title " Il Disubbidiente " - publishing house : Longanesi of Milan ) and released in Italy on Sept. 1999 . Mr. Sica neither filed any complain nor took any legal action whatsoever against Pazienza and the publishing house ( Exh . 18) .

As far it concerns the then Prime Minister Mr. Bettino Craxi :in 1980 Mr. Craxi had received a multimillion dollar slush fund in Switzerland by the banker Roberto Calvi , chairman of the Banco Ambrosiano , and he was believing Pazienza was actually knowing the illicit transaction . Such a secret , were it unveiled , could have been devastating for him . Mr. Craxi was eventually betrayed in 1993 by one of his closest confidant over the " Clean Hands " criminal investigations of the Milan judiciary with the disclosure of that story , the so called " Conto Protezione " affair . Because of it he was prosecuted and convicted by the Milan Tribunal to eight years prison term and compelled to escape from Italy . He died in exile in Tunisia in 2000 . Mr. Craxi thought that such a secret , that Pazienza was not even knowing , required that Pazienza deserved to be neutralized or debunked at all costs .

On Dec.10 , 1983 Pazienza wrote an official letter to Mr. Craxi from his N.Y.C. office asking him to be freed by a possible ' State Secret ' obligation for what he did and knew as a consultant for the Italian spy agency S.I.S.M.I. between 1980 and 1981 . Pazienza knew, among other deeds, that a faction of the Italian military intelligence S.I.S.M.I. was illegally passing very delicate information to the Libyan secret service ( Exh.19) . Hereto an excerpt of the letter : " I was personally taking care of the relationship with the director general of the French intelligence agency S.D.E.C.E. Mr. Alexandre De Marenches because even having the French a representative in Italy and the Italian S.I.S.M.I. one in France the french did not trust to communicate through the official channels . I had been informed that the French had discovered how some top S.I.S.M.I. officers were on the payroll of the Libyan intelligence " . Once received the letter and put it under the ' SECRET ' restraining seal Mr. Craxi immediately dispatched a copy to Mr. Sica.

It is a matter of fact that such information allowed the Libyan secret service goons to know the hideouts of Libyan political refugees in Italy they were chasing for and to carry out their assassinations . The first assassination took place on June 11 , 1980 . Almost eighteen years after this lewd story would be eventually discovered by the roman prosecuting district attorney office that was investigating the DC9 plane downing near the Ustica island of Sicily . The name of the informant was precisely identified with that of a Col. Demetrio Cogliandro of the Rome ' s Counter Espionage Center of the S.I.S.M.I. spy agency , Center being part of the First Directorate that is mentioned in the Pazienza ' s letter to Mr. Craxi of Dec. 1983. Notwithstanding that , contrary to the U.S. judicial system , the Art. 112 of the Italian Constitution foresees that the prosecution is a compulsory obligation whenever a crime is noticed no charges had been ever brought against the officer for complicity in murders. We will see however how prominent the above name will be in the case Nr. 2 . The problem was that such a treason was perpetrated with the full accord of certain Italian political circles not to damage the oil interests of the Republic of Italy . On January 2005 the former French ambassador in Italy , Mr. Gilles Martinet , has confirmed in his book of memoirs published in France this unbelievable plot and how the G.o.I. even abetted the assassins allowing them to safely return to Libya ( See the Italian daily Corriere della Sera of Jan. 9 , 2005 pag. 35 ) . So scared was the then G.o.I. that Pazienza might unveil those kind of unsavory secrets that the documents released by the D.o.S. show how the G.o.I. refused even to consent that the Iran-Contras U.S. congressional committee might meet Pazienza once repatriated in Italy while kept in solitary confinement in a Turin jail for years . The committee wished to interview Pazienza on his relationship with Mr. Michael Ledeen ( See the message " CONFIDENTIAL - 0 311626Z JUL 87 FM AM EMBASSY ROME TO SEC STATE WASH DC IMMEDIATE 7429 " ) . All that explains too what the Wall Street Journal published in the front page on Aug. 8 , 1985 about the need to eliminate Pazienza

The entire document sent is located for reading at www.pazienzahungerstrike.info/ricorso_amb_usa.htm

However, one interesting paragraph worth noting shows control of P2's criminal activities directly in U.S. hands:

It is very interesting to precisely pinpoint what it is stated on pag. 441 of the conviction sentence of Pazienza, " It has to be remembered that the America ' s sponsorship is an hypothesis whose credibility has been largely substantiated by S.I.S.M.I. officials . In relation to that it is well-founded to believe that Gelli had been compelled to accept the U.S. imposition with no possibility to argue " . What that actually means ? Hereto is the answer : the Bologna Court and prosecution alleged that the P2 Masonic Lodge and its criminal activities were strictly controlled and directed by U.S. . In 1978 the Americans , being highly unsatisfied of the actual Grand Master of the Lodge Mr. Licio Gelli , anointed Francesco Pazienza Donato as the new chief shipping him back to Italy to replace Mr.Gelli . Pazienza in 1978 was only 32 years old .


Greg Szymanski

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